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  Standard Packaging

  Service Centre

Our state-of-the-art Service Centre provides customised value added finished products as per customer specifications thereby increasing efficiency and reducing wastage. The Service Centre complex has 6 slitting machines, 9 cut to length (CTL) lines and 9 corrugation lines.

  Packing Standards

With the company being committed to world class quality products, it is but natural that the same commitment is shared for packing standards too! Consequently Uttam maintains high standards of packing and marking for all its supplies to customers. All coils and sheets have water proof packing, with VCI (Vapour Corrosion Inhibitor) paper wrapping inside and Galvanized/CR sheets outside. Three metal strappings on the circumference and five through the eye of the coil with metal protectors ensure tamper proof packing. Other custom made packing to a customer's specifications is also possible.

  Customer Services

We provide an extensive range of services to our customers including latest product information, after sales support and technical assistance.A satisfied client is of utmost importance to our business and priorities are given to all such activities which enable us to meet this goal.

Qualified metallurgists, experienced engineers and marketing representatives are available to assist our clients. Our trained personnel are well equipped to provide technical, product and order information to our customers.

In addition to providing quality assurance services to our manufacturing operations our technical personnel also provide specialised assistance to our clients to ensure they get the optimum benefits from the latest available technologies.

Our research in coordination with our suppliers is focussed on keeping us at the forefront of new product development and steel manufacturing technology. We also have in-house transport facilities to enable cost-effective deliveries & flexible logistics solutions to our customers.

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